If you’re planning an epic motorcycle road trip across India you’ve got to have the right gear, especially if you plan to cover the diverse terrain and often quickly changing climates that the country has to offer. From intense desert heat and monsoons to the cold higher elevations of the Himalayas, these elements will definitely […]

Even the most iconic monuments of the world need an overhaul once in a while

We’re Getting a Facelift

Hey there and welcome to Wanderlion.com, a website devoted to worldly adventures and travel photography. As you can see we’re currently in the process of redesigning our look to give a more complete and efficient user experience and just not quite up to our regular splendor. Please be patient while we upload our awesome content, photos and […]

Love Swarm

The People of Kilau

My face is really starting to hurt from smiling so much. Like my cheeks  are working some serious overtime here in the village of Kilau, PNG! Spent all day walking up and down the windy mountain road between the two bridges that mark the village boarders and everywhere I look are bright eyes and smiling […]

Valley of Fire: Nevada, USA

Questing 101

Well here we are once again, gearing up for a whole new adventure. You know you want to escape, eject and explore and are almost ready to make the unnerving leap of faith in to the unknown but not really sure how or even where to begin planning such a risky move. The route has […]


Mt. Hagen Shakedown

There I was, sitting in a rundown police station interrogation room which made alcatraz look like a Martha Stewart special. Walls scuffed and cracked from an obvious neglect of upkeep and piles of unorganized paperwork gave me the feeling this was not a place of due process. The musty stench of mildew and body odor […]

Purple maygrass blowing in the breeze on the hike down from Mt. Ellenberry summit

Climbing Ms. Ellenberry

Rise and shine at 6 am to start the trek up Mt Ellenberry, the third highest peak in PNG and little brother to Mt Willheim & Mt Michael. No one here seems to know exactly how high it really is and if my Internet would load in this valley I’d just ask Google but the […]