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Wanderlion on South Sea Island, Fiji
Wanderlion on South Sea Island, Fiji

Hey fellow globetrotters and welcome to Wanderlion, where getting lost in the world is our awesome endless mission!

Since packing our bags in 2012 we’ve been exploring this big beautiful world and haven’t looked back. What started as an innocent trip to Australia on a planned three month holiday instantly began to spiral4B4A4222_edited out of control and it very quickly became apparent that a life planned around 9-5 routines, filled with fancy useless junk, revolving relationship carousels,  and a continuous stream of unfulfilling jobs was simply not for us. Living from paycheck to paycheck in order to pay for the big screen TV on which to view the outside world, to drive the cool convertible back and forth from the grocery store or live in the shoe box sized luxury penthouse condo because of it’s “prime location” could not be “it”, this could not be what life was all about. This suddenly did not seem like success at all, it seemed sad, pretentious, faceless and just plain boring and we did not want to fall victim to this fate.

SubstandardFullSizeRender(28)Instead we longed for days filled with adventures, big mountains, cool rivers, blue skies and soft sands. Where there were no real rules, no set plans and the only thing constant was change. Our path was not etched in stone, it was alive and free to evolve as we would. Meeting new people molded, and twisted and re-shaped our goals, our views and our track. Experiencing new places began to cultivate our appreciation for foreign culture and expand our understanding of the world and how we affect it. Climbing to the top of volcanoes, diving the great oceans, learning local languages and navigating busy concrete jungles manifested our travel addiction and sharing it all with you has become our real passion! It would not be a life devoted to collecting things, to gaining status or to selling “the dream”. It would simply be the opportunity to share the world through the eyes of a little wandering lion, and that would be our legacy.

Now our purpose is one of endless exploration, to connect with those we encounter along the path and to contribute to the communities that share their traditions with us. To capture the beauty and diversity of human life around the world, the flavor of our cultures, the vastness of our landscapes and the intricacy of how it all fits together in a delicate balance with no more than a backpack and a camera. To build bonds, networks and friendships worldwide and most importantly, to inspire others to push their own boundaries and venture outside their comfort zones and  just go travel, because we are wild and so should be our journey.

So what are you waiting for? Join Wanderlion and lets get lost together!

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